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Paying for Your Stay

westlake-care-lakewood-colorado-1Some of the accepted payment options include:


In order to qualify for Medicare benefits in a Skilled Nursing Facility, you need to either have a 3-day qualifying stay in a hospital or have less than 30-days from your last skilled coverage date, unless your insurance plan waves this requirement.

Medicare will reimburse 100% of costs for the first 20 days of rehabilitation in a skilled nursing facility. Starting at day 21 through day 100, Medicare requires a patient co-pay. If you have a supplemental or secondary insurance such as Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield, or others, your co-pay may be different.

Please contact us for more information.



In order to qualify for Medicaid to cover your care in our community, you need to stay for 30-days unless it is a pre-approved respite.

We do provide some guidance in completing the Medicaid application process. You can access the Colorado Medicaid application here (http://www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite/HCPF/HCPF/1251567068887). As part of the Medicaid application, you will need to be able to provide information such as proof of citizenship (Medicare card or birth certificate), bank statements (going back 6 months), documentation of any money spent down in order to qualify for Medicaid, insurance information, and documentation of old medical expenses (if asking Medicaid to pay for those expenses.

The following websites provide additional information about Medicaid.


Private Pay options are available. Please inquire as to current rates for semi-private and private rooms.


We have a contract with the VA to accept people who are 100% service-connected and qualify for the VA to pay for their stay. The VA will pay 100% of the care in addition to skilled therapy services (either at WestLake or at the VA) and also provide dental, vision, hearing, podiatry and Durable Medical Equipment services.


Innovage manages many programs that include short-term stays for respite or rehab or becoming a part of our long-term care community. To learn more about Innovage’s programs please visit their website at:



United Health Care manages many insurance programs that we accept as primary and supplementary insurance. Please contact us for more information on how your insurance would work at WestLake Care Community or visit UHC website at https://www.unitedhealthcareonline.com.