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Financial Preparation

westlake-care-lakewood-colorado-4Medicare – Patient Payment

After day 21 of receiving Medicare a copayment is due. Some insurance plans will cover the co-pay and you will not owe a patient payment. If Medicaid is your secondary insurance you may owe a patient payment depending on the total of your income.  If you owe a patient payment, you will owe this starting the second month that you are in a skilled nursing facility.

Medicaid for Long-Term Stay – Patient Payment

If you are planning to stay here long-term under Medicaid, you will owe a patient payment each month. Your patient payment will be the total of your income minus $50 which you are allowed to keep for personal needs.

Income Verification:

In order to apply or maintain eligibility of Medicaid, the State of Colorado requires proof of all sources of income. In order to comply with Medicaid rules, we need to be able to verify and report any income that you receive to Medicaid. In order to do this we need the following from you:

  • 6 months of bank (or debit card) statements
  • Social Security Proof of Income Letter (if on social security)
  • Pension Benefits statement (if applicable)
  • Copies of Medicare/Medicaid Cards
  • Copy of Insurance Card (if applicable)
  • Copy of Drivers License or State ID card

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