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The Road to Remodel


Some of the changes happening at WestLake

Some of the changes happening at WestLake

A lot of positive changes have been happening over the last 6 months at WestLake.

This summer we juggled our dining – from outside picnics to eating in the living room – to get our new dining area and kitchen completed in time for our Thanksgiving Celebration.

Now it is time to move on to the rest of the building.

In the next four weeks:
New Wallpaper in the Hallways
Refurbishing the handrails
New carpet in the Day Room, Living Room and Office Spaces

Around Valentine’s Day:
New carpet in the hallways
New furniture in Resident Rooms (dressers, chairs, wardrobes)
New furniture in the living room and day room
New pictures in the hallways

Come anytime to visit and see what changes are happening at WestLake!